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Why Outsource?

We believe by outsourcing, you will reduce your cost in the long run. Outsourcing with sevenstars will give you more freedom and flexbility with your mobility.

Driver (Staff) Details Sevenstars Driver (Outsource)
Direct Employee of the Customer
Status of the driver
Sevenstars Employee
The Liability is on the Customer
The Liability is on us (Sevenstars)
90 – 120 days
Probation Period
No trial period, you can change driver anytime
We have a high rate flexibility
Cost of recruiting a driver
Recruitment Cost
No recruitment cost is needed.
Driver’s Replacement
We can replace the driver anytime
Severance pay according to working period of direct employee
Working as company employee with company less than 120 days
Working as company employee with company more than 120 days less than a year
More than a year, less than 3 years.
More than 6 years, less than 10 years
More than 3 years, less than 6 years
Not required
A month salary
3 months salary
6 months salary
8 months salary
Remarks: Customers need to notify the employee in advance of a month salary circle. If a company wants to fire its employee, they will pay more

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